Tuesday, January 17, 2012

18 Months!

Preslee is now one and a half and boy does she act like she's sailing into her teens with an attitude! Oh but how do we love her! Updates on height and weight on Friday when we go to the doc for shots.
Here are some favorites..

Foods: yogurt, cheese, cheese and more cheese!, pureed fruit, milk, and anything sweet!

She loves Elmo and Eebee, if anyone has any idea who that is. (you're not missing much) Her favorite activities are reading books, playing outside no matter the weather, and climbing on anything and everything. She absolutley loves Goodnight Moon and would read it again and again if you are willing. Bath time is a must, twice a day and she will not sleep with anything but her huge pink hippo (pearl) and her blankie, well her Auntie's baby blankie.

She says many things, not much that I understand. A few words she uses regularly are love you (hiyou) mama(me), mama(grandma), cheese(eesh), ball(bahbah!), and dada.
She signs "please", "all done", "help", and "more." Overall she is very good at getting her point across with signs and hand gestures. I guess she has no need for too many words just yet.

Preslee has a very sweet personality, with a few tantrums, slaps, screams, and disrespectful "MOM'S!!" thrown in. However, her hugs around the neck with her cheek pressed to mine are to die for. I live for the wet tongue kisses and "ma ma's," no matter the tone. Pretty much, I would do anything for my sweet little baby. Happy half birthday, my love!