Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Love Being a Mommy...

Here's the last post for the day and then we should be caught up on pictures and her short little life up until now. She's 2 in a half months now, and I can't believe how time flies. I had to put away her newborn clothes that don't fit anymore, and they are still brand new! It's amazing to be a mother. Such a rewarding job...some days are really hard and other's just sort of hard. I can't believe the amount of love you can have for a little one. I would do anything for her. She weighs 10 lbs 8 oz. now and is 23 inches long. She is into her 3 month clothes now because she is long enough, but she's so skinny that they are a little baggy on her. She's a doll in anything.
I've learned a lot in the past couple of weeks. I've learned that you can't control everything. I am a control freak and I want everything to be perfect. I want to make sure Preslee grows up to be exactly how I want her be....but we all now that won't happen. Nursing has been a difficult road for me, but it is something that I have felt strongly to continue, despite the Mastitis, the screaming from her at me because she has a hard time latching on, the blood in her diapers..etc. She is very healthy, but the blood has thrown me for a loop. Today we are going to try a partially digested protein formula to try and let her bowels heal, eventhough I am so scared she will LOVE formula and a bottle and give up on me with nursing. We are going to try it for a week, see if the blood stops, then go back to nursing. Keep your fingers crossed. As for controlling everything, I have to learn what is best for Preslee, not what is best for me.

Professional Pictures

So far my entire blog is about Preslee, but that is because she is my whole world right now. It's just her and I all day while daddy works his butt off in school. He got a 97% on his first Chemistry test. Whoot Whoot! He's my smarty pants who is going to be a CRNA in a few years. While he's gone at school and work, Preslee and I do photoshoots. Hehe. She's too much fun to take pictures of. Here are a few professional pics that Stevie Croft did of her when she was 4 weeks old. 

Wheat Field Pictures

We took family pictures in a wheat field when Preslee was around 5 weeks old. It was windy, and she could hardly breathe with the wind blowing in her face, but she was such a champ. Hardly any fussing...she must have been freezing!

Blessing Day

Preslee was blessed on September 5th. Her dress was so beautiful. Blair gave her a Father's blessing before we went to church that she would be calm and at peace. She ate at 6:00 AM and church started at 9:00 and she wasn't interested in nursing before church, which worried me. However, she was soooo good during the entire meeting and slept through her beautiful blessing, despite the fact that she had an empty tummy. What a great day...she is lucky to have such a wonderful daddy!

Preslee's Birth

So, here goes my first post. I'm going to go back a few weeks to the beginning of Preslee's birth so that I can catch all of you up on her cuteness. She was born on the 18th of July on a Sunday. Saturday I went to work and had minor labor contractions all day that were progressivly getting closer together. I went home and cleaned the house, Blair finished putting the baby dresser together, not out of willingness, but because I made him, and I tried to keep those contractions going. It was 11 days before my due date, but I was ready to be done with this pregnancy at week 13. Eventually around 1:00 AM the contractions completely stopped. I was so mad, but I went to bed and thought, "maybe tomorrow." Around 2:45 AM I woke up and my water had broke! I was so excited, and not in any pain...yet. I had no idea what was coming. ha.
I took a shower, and then we took Bentley, our dog, to my mom's, then off to the hospital we went. I was all smiles until the contractions started again. They were awful! It amazes me that so many people have children, but then again, I am a wimp. Blair pulled out the couch and laid down to get some sleep because he was in finals week at school....boy was he joking himself. He wasn't sleeping if I wasn't sleeping.
Eventually I got to a 10, and the contractions slowed down, so I had to push for two hours to get Preslee out. Blair thought it would be nice to joke during labor, but he realized that it wasn't a good idea when I freaked out on him. The nurse had to calm me down to get me pushing again. Not a good idea to joke that the baby might be a boy when your expecting a girl and in that much pain. haha. I did get an epidural that wore off at the end. WHY? I have no idea...
Preslee came at 1:43 PM, after 11 hours. I surely would have passed out if I hadn't had that epidural. haha. I praise those women that labor for 30 hours...AMAZING! It is all worth it in the end, when you have a precious Preslee in your arms. She is so beautiful I can't stand it!